About Me

I fell in love with yoga in the autumn of 2001. I’d tried it out before, but had never quite clicked with it. It was finding the right teacher – Simon Low at Triyoga – that connected me to yoga’s magic. At the time, I was working long hours as an architect for a top London practice and Simon’s Monday night classes became my sanctuary, and one of the highlights of my busy week. They connected me to a part of myself that I hadn’t even been aware existed: the part that felt spacious, vibrant, easeful and at peace.

Six months after I started yoga, I was diagnosed with a serious illness. During this period, yoga was my anchor, and with time off from work, I started attending classes several times a week. Yoga taught me the capacity to cultivate presence even at times of challenge. Over the next few years I became increasingly fascinated by yoga and meditation. I was now spending more of my spare time attending yoga workshops and reading yoga books than engaging with the world of architecture, as I once had.

In 2006, I began my teacher training with Triyoga, qualifying in 2008. I have also completed an Anusara Teacher Training with Bridget Woods Kramer and an Advanced Teacher Training with Sianna Sherman. I have been lucky to study with a number of other incredible teachers, including meditation with Sally Kempton and restorative yoga with Anna Ashby.

My classes balance intelligent alignment & precision with fluid movement and playful & creative exploration. They will both strengthen and nourish you, as well invite you to hone a profound respect for the wondrous form that is your body. My teaching is inspired by nature, poetry, my own life experiences and yoga philosophy. As an architect, I am passionate about creating space in our bodies, as well as space in our busy minds. And since most of us move through life at speed these days, I place emphasis on moving slowly and mindfully and really feeling into each experience.

Ultimately, our practice of yoga helps plug us into the deep wisdom that lives at the heart of each of us, and which supports us in making empowered choices and living a life that is authentic to us.

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