“I adore Annabel's teaching. It is from the heart and has such a beautiful blend of structure and poetry. Annabel has a unique way of blending yoga philosophy into the asana practice and her background as an architect shines through in the rich, detailed, yet accessible alignment cues. She is one of my favourite London yoga teachers!" Andrew McGonigle (Dr Yogi)


“When I do a class with Annabel I am truly connecting to spirit...and with the magic of her gentle delivery I find myself practising effortlessly yet to my full capacity. Connecting each moment with the breath and the poses I experience yoga's transcendental properties as I embrace something of the essence of me.” Jac


“Annabel's style of yoga is creative and playful, while focused on alignment and self-inquiry. She has a naturally joyful energy that will power you through even the most demanding of sequences, which will leave you feeling invigorated and strong, rather than depleted. I've learnt so much, not just about yoga technique and philosophy, but about myself, which has encouraged me to deepen my practice, and provided a sanctuary during harder times. I leave Annabel's classes feeling calm, nourished and powerful; they are one of the highlights of my week.” Nadia


“Annabel’s classes are beautifully crafted and come from a place of deep understanding. The teaching of asana is interwoven with a unique use of language, and delivered in a truly authentic manner. Her classes are a true amalgam of mind body and soul.” Rosie


“I was lucky to come across Annabel while I was facing a serious illness.  Annabel clearly has a very solid knowledge of yoga and lots of experience but she also has the ability to engage with her clients through a simple and very down to earth manner that is easy to relate to whether you are a beginner to yoga or more experienced. Her approach to yoga is very holistic; based on my specific needs, Annabel customised each class focussing on building strength both for my body and mind. I found myself gaining confidence in my body’s ability to heal. My encounter with her has resulted in a deep love for Yoga, something I will always be grateful to her for.” Geetika


“Annabel has a unique teaching style. Her precise and passionate words transport you to a different world. She articulates every posture in an expressive way, allowing you to feel the pose internally within your own body. Her creativity shines through, and she’s one of the most diligent and caring teachers out there. I feel lucky to have met Annabel on my yoga journey” Tricia


“Annabel’s classes are a perfect yoga haven. She always puts much thought into her teaching and shares her own experiences with her students. I love the fact that the intensity and central theme of her class vary from week to week, sometimes creating more fire and strength, and other times restoring inner equilibrium and stretching the body out. I’m never lost in her class as she explains everything in a clear and friendly way while also demonstrating the poses. It’s obvious that she cares about everybody in the studio, providing tailored, hands-on adjustments. Annabel’s classes are much more than a sequence of poses and movements – they are truly meaningful and I always leave the studio enriched and inspired.” Sandra


"I still remember the first class I did with Annabel. I love her attention to alignment and the descriptive detail she gives to each step of the pose. The gentle, uncomplicated way she explains how to move through it and that's why I love coming back to her classes time and time again. It isn't just the physical practice that brings me back to her, it's also her words. Poems, proverbs or something she saw while walking are all threaded beautifully into the practice. Thank you, Annabel, for always supporting and encouraging my love for yoga."Claire


"I was lucky to discover Annabel's yoga classes in my first week of coming to Triyoga. Two and a half years later, they are very much part of my yoga week. It’s obvious that a lot of thought goes into her classes and each one is different. Every class is interesting. In her gentle way, Annabel slowly takes you down a path to a place where you’re really challenged by the postures, but almost without you realising it. She is always attentive and sensitive to one's individual abilities and needs. " Robin